Licenses  FAQ

Can I pay for the license myself and have it processed for my client (Licensee)?
Yes. At the stage of registration of purchase in the window "Pay", in the block Licensee, you need to select the item "Distinguished from the Payer". Then specify the name and TaxID of the Licensee (client).
We like one of your fonts, but it is missing some characters for our task. Is it possible to add them?
Yes. Any of the ready-made fonts can be modified for special tasks. But such a font would be custom and made specifically for your task. The cost of custom-made fonts differs significantly from circulation fonts. To estimate the work on the modification of the font, please send us your wishes. The finished result is assigned a new name. Also, any bespoke font includes enhanced application capabilities without the purchase of additional licenses.
Our company can only pay for licenses by direct bank transfer. Can you make it happen?
Yes. Please send your purchase request to [email protected]. Then we will agree on the details of the deal and conclude a license agreement. You will get all the necessary documents confirming the purchase. The final price of the license in the case of payment by bank transfer may be different from the price presented on the site.
Who should buy the license: the designer or his client?
Both the designer and his client must buy the license to use the font. This is due to the different amount of rights for them. The designer needs a "Basic License" for creating design layouts, while the client needs the type of license that corresponds to the sphere of font use. For example, a designer used a font in a website layout, so the client needs a "Web License"; or, a designer used a font in a billboard design layout, so the client needs to buy an "Outdoor Advertising" license, etc.
The font will be used in the logo on the product packaging. What license should be purchased?
If the logo will be registered as a trademark, the Logo license is sufficient. This license implies the use of the font as part of a specific logo with no restrictions on how it can be used. If the logo will not be registered as a trademark, but the circulation of packaging will exceed 500 copies, the Goods and Printing License is required. If the circulation of packaging is less than 500 copies, and the logo is not registered as a trademark, the license "Basic" is sufficient.
Design studios

For Licensee’s own use only;
Design layouts and internal documents;
Websites, as bitmap images;
Social networks, up to 25,000 subscribers/account;
Outdoor advertising, one piece of each type;
Printing, up to 500 copies;
Merch-products, up to 10 pieces.

Website owners

One domain;
Connection via CSS;
Pageviews/month (from 10k).

Full License

The right to register any single identifying element as a trademark in which the font is used.

App owners

For mobile and SmartTV apps;
One product;
3 operating systems.

Full License
Business initiatives

Design of static publications;
Use in short videos (up to 1 minute);
Over 100,000 subscribers on social networks;
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, VK only;
A extended license is required for YouTube.

Request a quote

Any specific terms of use for fonts including:
Outdoor advertising;
Video games;
Internet advertising.


For testing purposes only;
No public demonstration;
Five-day testing period.

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